How to Create a Stormy Fantasy Scene in Photoshop

How to Create a Stormy Fantasy Scene in Photoshop
Activate the Eraser tool (E) because we would need to erase the unwanted edges of the rain brush as shown on the image below:
Use the following settings for the Eraser tool (E).
  • Brush size: 100px
  • Hardness: 0%
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Flow: 100%
After that, let’s now resize this layer to fit our canvas. Activate the Transform tool and resize as shown on the image below:
Now, duplicate layer “1" by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + J to make the rain more visible. Select this layer again and duplicate it and then move it down using the Move tool (V). After that activate the Transform tool and resize the duplicated layer it to fit the canvas. It should be looking like this now:

Step 7 - Retouch the image

Now it is time, we enhanced the color of our image. We’re going to give it a dark fantasy artwork finish. Let’s start by adding Solid Colors. To do that, click on the Create New Fill Layer/Adjustment Layerbuttonfrom the Layer window. When the contextual menu opens, click on Solid Color.
When the box opens, input the following:
  • #: 00002d
Next, change the Blending mode to Exclusion and the Opacity to 50%. Next, let’s create the second Solid Color. Input the following:
  • #: 52341a
Then change the Blending mode to Soft Light and its Opacity to 40%. Next, let’s create a Color Balance adjustment layer.
Input the following values:
  • Color Levels: -41, 0 , -28
  • Tone Balance: Midtones
  • Preserve Luminosity: Check
  • Color Levels: +15, 0, 0
  • Tone Balance: Shadows
  • Preserve Luminosity: Check
  • Color Levels: 0, 0, -10
  • Tone Balance: Highlights
  • Preserve Luminosity: Check
The image should now be similar to this:
Because the color is too strong, we would need to reduce its saturation. Instead of making a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, we will be using a Gradient Map adjustment layer.
When the Gradient Map menu opens, pick the following:
After that, change the Blending mode to Color and set the Opacity to 50%. Finally, let’s add a Photo Filter adjustment layer.
Input the following settings for the Photo Filter:
  • Filter: Warming Filter (85)
  • Density: 25%
  • Preserve Luminosity: Check
The image should now be looking like this:
Once it is flat, duplicate it (Ctrl/Cmd + J); click on the duplicated layer and then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
  • Input the following:
  • Radius: 16.0 pixels
After that, you’d see that your image is really blurry; so to make it glowing, change the Blending mode of the blurred (duplicated layer) to Lighten and set its opacity to 35%. The result should be like this.

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