Fashion Shot

Fashion Shot

Step 7

I next added another brightness/contrast this time with settings at -62 for brightness and +53 for contrast. This was to make the whole image darker while still retaining the contrast so no layer mask on this one. Then another brightness/contrast layer, this one was to darken the hair slightly. I used a brightness of -83 and a contrast of 0. Next click on the layer mask for this adjustment then go image>adjustments>invert, this will turn the layer mask black. Grab a soft brush with an opacity of about 80% and brush over some of the hair using white in the layer mask, and this actually darkens the hair.

Step 8

Now I wanted to add some lighting to the background and also bring out the middle reflection of our man. So create a new layer directly above the background layer then select the brush tool and use a size of 300px and a hardness of 0% and an opacity of 100%. With white as the foreground color, brush from around the man's left shoulder, in a kind of, I used boomerang shape. Then go filter>blur guassian blur with 100px. Lastly change the opacity of this layer to 50%.

Step 9

Now create a new layer group directly above the background layer and name it 'background', this will contain some detail to the background rather than just having it plain black. The first thing we will add to this layer group is some elliptical shapes which will be hardly visible. First select the gradient tool and in the main toolbar open up the gradient editor and make a gradient going from a very dark color; almost black to pure black. Now create a new layer and select the elliptical marquee tool and draw an ellipse select the gradient tool again and drag from one side of the ellipse to the other then deselect by going select>deselect. Do this four times with different ellipses, each time in a new layer. Below I have shown where I made the ellipses, I added a stroke to these just so you could see them in this tutorial but don't add a stroke to yours. Feel free to add a layer mask to any of these if you want to blend them more, I did it for one of my ellipses.

Step 10

Next I created two more layers and used white splatter brushes, a lot of these can be found here but you can also get away with using some of the ones Photoshop has built in. Lower the opacity of these layers a lot and add a layer mask for any blending. Below you can see roughly where I put the splatters. All these details should be very faint but will build up gradually.

Step 11

To brighten some of the splatters I added a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and used +150 for the brightness and 0 for the contrast. Select the mask and invert it as we did in step 8. Now with a soft white brush of about 125px and 100% opacity add some dots to this layer mask by just pressing in the same place about three times. You should now have something that looks like the image below.

Step 12

Okay, now we will create the lines that you see. For this you need Adobe Illustrator, if you don't have Illustrator you can get a similar effect by using brushes like these although you will get a better result with Illustrator. First save your image as a Jpeg but keep it open then open up Illustrator and open the Jpeg image. Now select the pen tool and set it to no fill and 1px white stroke in the main toolbar.

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