Fashion Shot

Fashion Shot
Fashion Shot

Step 18

I did this a few more times to other parts of the image where I thought this would look good. Below are images giving you ideas of where you could use these lines.

In this one I made the lines start at the collar and expand outwards, I used a 2px stroke for in Illustrator on these lines. Once in Photoshop I had mask out the part that covered the chin to make it look like it went behind the chin then added the usual blending.


I made these ones with a very thin stroke and tried to make them follow the hair.


These ones I made look like they were coming out of his jacket cuff by starting at about his elbow but then in Photoshop using a mask to hide the parts that went over the sleeve.


This last one was a bit different as I made it black, I had to make this go over the light parts of the image in order for it to be visible and also used a mask in Photoshop to give the appearance that it came from under the jacket.


Step 19

Select the brush tool and choose a 2px hard white brush. This last line I made in Photoshop by creating a simple path; shown below, with the pen tool. I made it so it looked like it was following the jacket.


Step 20

Right click on this path then select stroke path and make sure simulate pressure is checked, then hit OK.



Step 21

The image now looks quite nice but here I'll show you how I added some more details to bridge the gap between the foreground and the background. First create a new layer group above the background group then select the pen tool and in the main toolbar choose shape layers. I had my foreground color set at black here but it doesn't matter because we will be hiding it anyway. So draw a path the same as the one below then make sure this layer is within our new group. Everything else from now on should be created within this group.



Step 22

Now right click on this layer and select blending options. This technique I am showing you now is trying to recreate a technique that I learned from Nik Ainley and gives the effect of part of the image being punched out the rest and gives a bit of depth. So use the settings I have shown below. You will notice I've lowered the fill opacity to 0%; this will make only the layer styles show up and not the actual fill of the shape we created. I also checked 'layer mask hides effects', this just means that the styles will only follow the shape and not the mask and so will be hidden if we brush over it with black in the mask. I tend to almost always have this ticked as it is annoying when you add a style and it follows the mask.

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