Fashion Shot

Fashion Shot

Step 22

Now right click on this layer and select blending options. This technique I am showing you now is trying to recreate a technique that I learned from Nik Ainley and gives the effect of part of the image being punched out the rest and gives a bit of depth. So use the settings I have shown below. You will notice I've lowered the fill opacity to 0%; this will make only the layer styles show up and not the actual fill of the shape we created. I also checked 'layer mask hides effects', this just means that the styles will only follow the shape and not the mask and so will be hidden if we brush over it with black in the mask. I tend to almost always have this ticked as it is annoying when you add a style and it follows the mask.

Step 23

Here I've added more lines, still below the man, using exactly the same technique as we did before. Here are the ones I added:


I've kept this tutorial reasonably flexible so you should be able to adapt it to fit any subject or color scheme by just changing small parts. I hope here you have learned how to use layer masks effectively as I think they were used in almost every step. So just have fun with techniques I have shown you here and I hope you find something useful to do with them.
Fashion Shot
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