Futuristic Collage

Futuristic Collage

Step 2

Now we need to mask out the girl, this is usually the most tedious part of any photo manipulation but it needs to be done so you may as well get good at it. If you really can't be bothered masking it then you can download the masked image as a PSD file here then just skip on to step 5, otherwise lets start masking. The method I use is quite complicated, first select the pen tool then look at the main toolbar and you will see three small buttons at the left, select the middle one which should say paths if you hover over it. Now start tracing round the edge of the girl, don't worry too much about being accurate as we will be putting her on a black background later. Also don't go round her hair, just draw round it without going near it. After you've got all the way round her and closed your path. Next right click somewhere in the document and select Create vector mask, this will get your image looking something like the one below.

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  2. Hello, first of all, thanks for the tutorial. I have few questions if someone can help, please.

    After step 6, I select both main layer and empty later with the pen stroke (Btw, is it freestyle pen?) and when I select these two, the mask option greys out.

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