Make a Story Book Come to Life in Photoshop

Make a Story Book Come to Life in Photoshop
  • Brush size: 300 px
  • Hardness: 0%
  • Opacity: 15%
  • Flow: 100%
Apply the brush on the region shown on the image below:
Now that we’ve finished creating the book and its shadow, we’ll now proceed on to the next step, but before that, let’s group these layers (Ctrl/Cmd + G), let’s rename this group to book.

Step 4 - Add the grass on the book’s open page

In this step we would be adding the grass on the book’s open page and make it appear like the scene in a book came to life. To start, let’s open Grassy Field and then activate the Rectangular Marquee tool (M).
Now drag the selected area using the Move tool (V) on our canvas and rename the image as grass. Activate the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd + T) and then resize the grass layer as seen on the image below:
Now that we’ve transformed it, we shall be removing the grass which is outside of the book’s page. To do that, we shall be using the Polygonal Lasso tool (L). Before cutting it, it would be best to reduce the Opacity of the grass layer to 20% so you would be able to cut the grass with the book as the guide. You may also want to zoom in to the image up to 400% for more accuracy. To increase the zoom level, go to the Navigator window and change the zoom level to 400%.
Now for the process of removing the excess grass – follow the instructions on the images below:
Now for the next part, we will be distorting the grass layer to make it blend in with the book and in order for us to do that we would need the effectiveness of the Liquify tool. To activate that tool, go to Filter > Liquify.
You may also use the shortcut keys to open the Liquify tool by pressing Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + X. When the Liquify tool opens, use the following settings:
  • Brush Size: 344
  • Brush Density: 50
  • Brush Pressure: 100
  • Brush Rate: 80
  • Turbulent Jitter: 50
  • Reconstruct Mode: Revert
To begin the Liquifying process, click on the Forward Warp tool.
For more accuracy, it is advised to zoom at the level of 25% or higher if you wish to.
Now when you’re done with liquefying, just press OK. Next, let’s edit the light on the grass, we’ll darken and brighten the necessary areas. Activate the Burn tool (O) and input the following settings:
  • Brush size: 300 px
  • Range: Midtones
  • Exposure: 25%
Then apply the Burn tool (O) on the area shown on the image below:
The result should be similar to this:
Activate the Burn tool (O) once again and use it on the region shown on the image below:

Step 5 - Add the dirt road on the grass

What we are going to do here is that we would be adding a small road on the grassy field on the book’s open page. To start, let’s open Long Road and then activate the Polygonal Lasso tool (L) to select the road on this image.
After you’ve created the selection area, use the Move tool (V) again to transfer it to our canvas. Once in the canvas, rename the layer to road. Next, we will be transforming the road to blend in with the grass. Click on the road layer and then activate the Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd + T). Right click on the image to bring up the contextual menu, and then when the menu opens, click on Warp. Now warping is quite similar to the Liquify tool but it differs because it isn’t as free as the Liquify tool, you can only warp a few select areas designated by the points and lines on the warp grid. Now for the Warp process, just follow the instructions seen on the following images:

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  1. Thank you for posting a tutorial that actually works. Not only that, I learned a few things.
    Once again, thank you.

    1. Yes the stock links seem broken. That is the downsides of using free stock photos; they can sometimes disappear without any warning.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the links including the long road picture. There was one picture that I couldn't find the link for but it's just a cloud picture that's easily found somewhere else.

  2. Great tutorial! I really love it! I only have one problem... It seems the image of the long road is not available anymore :( Any chance you know where to find it or maybe mail it to me? I can't find any other good images to use as replacement. Thx

  3. used this tutorial for my Lotr fan art

    1. OMG ! , i saw it ... it was amazing , a really great masterpiece ^_^ ..... keep up the great work !

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