Make a Story Book Come to Life in Photoshop

Make a Story Book Come to Life in Photoshop
Choose Reset brushes from that menu.
Now we’re ready, let’s use the following settings for the Eraser tool (E):
  • Brush size: default size of the grass brush (112)
  • Hardness: default size of the grass brush (100%)
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Flow: 100%
The result should be similar to this. After that, group all the layers that we’ve created on this step and name it object.

Step 5 - Create a Vignette

In this step, we will learn how to create a vignette which enhances the focus on the center of the image. To start off, go to the Menu bar and click on File > New and use the same settings we used to create our canvas. (Refer to Step 1). But take note, the background contents should be white. Once it has been created, go to Filter > Distort > Lens Correction. Find the tab Vignette and use these settings:
  • Vignette amount: -100
  • Midpoint: +50
Now that that’s done drag the vignette to our canvas using the Move tool (V) and put it on top of all the layers that we’ve created, and then set the following:
  • Blending mode: Soft light
  • Opacity to 40%
After that click on the vignette layer that we’ve just created and then duplicate it (Ctrl/Cmd + J). This time set the following values:
  • Blending mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 25%

Step 6 - Retouch the image

What we are going to do here is that we would be enhancing the look and feel of our image. To start, let’s create a Solid Color adjustment layer. To do that, click on the button on the Layer window as shown on the image below:
Once you click on Solid Color, a menu will pop up. When it shows, input the following value on the # box.
  • #: 00031c
When that’s done, let’s change the Blending mode and the Opacity. The Blending mode can be found left to the Opacity changer on the Layer window. Just click on the word Normal and a menu will pop up.
Use the following values:
  • Blending mode: Exclusion
  • Opacity: 40%
Next, let’s create another Solid Color adjustment layer; this time input the values below:
  • #: 503218
Then change the following:
  • Blending mode: Soft Light
  • Opacity: 40%
Let’s create another Solid Color adjustment layer; this time input the following values:
  • #: e3a41c
Use the following settings:
  • Blending Mode: Soft Light
  • Opacity: 10%
So far, the image should be similar to this:
Now, let’s create a Gradient Map adjustment layer.
When you’re done, press OK. On the Layer window, change the following settings:
  • Blending mode: Luminosity
  • Opacity: 50%
Next, let’s create a Curves adjustment layer.
  • Input: 121
  • Output: 141

Step 8 - Make the image look dreamy

In this step we will be flattening our image and more importantly, we would try to make it look a bit dreamy. Before we move on, make sure you have saved the file as a PSD. Now we will be flattening the layers, to do that, right-click on any layer to bring up its menu and click on Flatten Image.
Once it is flattened, duplicate (Ctrl/Cmd + J) that single layer then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur on the Menu bar and input the following:
  • Radius: 16.0 pixels
Now your image is blurred, now this is a bit too dreamy, to achieve the dreamy effect, change its Blending mode to Lighten and the Opacity to 30%. Once you’re done, flatten the image. After that, let us sharpen the image to bring out some details but still maintaining the soft contrast. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen and input the following values:

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  1. Thank you for posting a tutorial that actually works. Not only that, I learned a few things.
    Once again, thank you.

    1. Yes the stock links seem broken. That is the downsides of using free stock photos; they can sometimes disappear without any warning.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the links including the long road picture. There was one picture that I couldn't find the link for but it's just a cloud picture that's easily found somewhere else.

  2. Great tutorial! I really love it! I only have one problem... It seems the image of the long road is not available anymore :( Any chance you know where to find it or maybe mail it to me? I can't find any other good images to use as replacement. Thx

  3. used this tutorial for my Lotr fan art

    1. OMG ! , i saw it ... it was amazing , a really great masterpiece ^_^ ..... keep up the great work !

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