Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks

Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks

Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks

Here's a useful video on five photo retouching tips and tricks. You'll learn how to fix blown-out details, use the healing and clone tools on a separate layer, reduce haze, paint in a blue sky, and utilize Photoshop actions to use Photoshop in ways you couldn't before. And you can learn it in less than the 10 minute attention span most people have. If you like this video, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more great Photoshop tutorials.The video mentions a couple Photoshop actions which you can download from these links:

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  1. Hey Denny, thanks for publishing such useful photoshop video tutorial. These five tips & tricks are indeed constructive for photo retouching. I really like it.

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