Subtle Changes with the Liquify Tool

Subtle Changes with the Liquify Tool

Subtle Changes with the Liquify Tool

Step 9

Hover over the nostril and click-and-hold for a second, which will make the nostrils slightly smaller. The key is subtlety.


Step 10

If you don’t like the modified look, just press Cmd-Option-Z (PC: Ctrl-Alt-Z) to step backwards a step. Here’s a before and after look. In the first one the model looks more serious, and in the second one she has a slight smirk. Again, the key is subtlety, unless you want a cartoonish and unrealistic look.


Step 11

Notice with this example, I created a slight smile with this model as well. But I also used a slight modification with the Twirl Clockwise tool, the third option from the top on the right-hand side of the Liquify screen, to not only lift her smile but twirl it a little.


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