5 Photoshop Tips for Designers

5 Photoshop Tips for Designers
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Tip #5: Curved Text Without Warping

Photoshop has a warp text tool that lets you curve text. It's easy to use but unfortunately, the text becomes distorted.
A better way of doing this is to create a text path. Here's how to do it. From the toolbar, select the Ellipse tool.
Select "Path" from the options bar. This will make it create a path instead of a shape layer. Draw an oval by dragging it from the center of your document.
Next, press Control T (Command T on Macs) to activate the Transform tool. This will make it easier to size and position the curve. Position the curve where you want your text to appear then press Enter to apply it.
If your path disappears, you can bring it back by going to the Paths panel and selecting the path.
Switch to the Text tool. Before you start typing, click on the "Align Center" button in the options bar. This will make it easier to move the text.
Now that we have that set, let's start typing. Click on the path and type in your text.
To move the text, select the Path Selection tool. Drag the text to your desired position.
We're done! As you can see, the text is curved without warping.

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