How to Create Shiny Retro Text with Photoshop

How to Create Shiny Retro Text with Photoshop

How to Create Shiny Retro Text with Photoshop

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Create Dot Grid Art in 1 Click

Turn any photo into a dot grid artwork with these Photoshop actions. You'll get great results with dots that change size. They get larger in brighter areas and smaller in darker areas. Free download available.

33 comments on “How to Create Shiny Retro Text with Photoshop”

  1. Please help! Im stuck doing the pen tool, it doesnt work as i want it to do. I can only se the paths but no color, how do i fix it? i have tried anything i can come up with.. Its sad being stuck when i have done so much already. Thx!

  2. I'm on Photoshop CC 2014 and I cannot for the life of me get the same effect that Step 2 is telling me I should be getting. Any advice?

  3. Most instructions were not given clearly, pen tool behaved in a very different way from what you barely explained, and the font you are using called "Tetra" is not in photoshop CS6 or CC.

  4. Don't know if it's an actual problem or if i'm just doing something wrong, but I can't figure out how to warp the light effects.
    The program swears that there aren't any pixels in the selection, and by the time i finally get the selection to warp, it doesn't warp the glow of the light effect so there's just an eclipse shadow left behind.


  5. Final result looks really cool, lots of steps to do, but I wanna try this for sure! Thanks a lot for the tutorial! :D

  6. Step 4 does not work for me? I have tried everything, does somebody know what the reason behind this could be?

  7. not good instructions for the lines on page 2, for on i can't make them with this pen pressure crap, or even warp the lines correctly

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