FRINGE Promotional Wallpaper Tutorial

Invert to black (Control/Command + I).

Step 12 - Lights

In a new layer, make 3 or so yellow lights. #FFF000 will do fine. Alter the sizes of these lights. Make the lights using a 100% soft circular brush. The biggest one that I made was 100px, and the smallest was around 45px.

Step 13 - Grain

This is a little trick that I always do to images that I want to look like they were taken out of a movie. In a new layer (and be sure that this layer is on the top, and that it stays there), fill the layer with black, and then go to Filters > Artistic > Film Grain, and customize to these settings.

Step 14 - Open Your Apple Slice

Copy and paste your apple into the composition. Right now it is way too big.

Step 15 - Scale It Down

Hit control/command + T and scale the apple down to an appropriate size to work with.
Rotate it and scale it further until your are happy with it.

Step 16 - The X-Ray Effect

I've never read any tuts (assuming there are some) on how to do this, so I just came up with this method, and it seems to work pretty well. Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast, and boost up the lightness and the contrast accordingly. My Values -- Brightness: 10, Contrast: 100.
Change the colors by going to Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation. Hit the colorize button, and move the hue to 192, and the saturation up to full.
Using the dodge tool, paint over the region shown in Red. You should stop when you see that the color is white in the middle. Use a fairly large, soft brush for this.
You'll be done when you see something like this:

Step 17 - 3D Text

Now open up that 3D text that you rendered, and paste it in there. Move it down so it isn't over the Apple.
Duplicate your 3D text layer (control/command + J) and to to Filters > Stylize > Glowing Edges and customize to these settings -- Edge Width: 1, Edge Brightness: 2, Smoothness: 1. When your done, set the layer blending mode to Screen.
Then you should see something like this:

Step 18 - Butterflies

Open up your butterlfy image, and extract it from the white background using whatever method you prefer. Then paste in a few of them... move them around, resize them, and rotate them so they look different from one another.
If you place them like I have, then you'll need to apply some shadows where the butterflies are over the letters. To do this, first make a new layer underneath the butterflies. Then, take a soft brush and using black, paint underneath the butterflies. Then lower the layer's opacity to around 50%.

Step 19 - Promo Text

Then, make a text box that spans the entire width of the wallpaper. Center the text, and type in whatever message you want. I used a font called futura, and a light blue for the color.


Here is the finished project from these tutorial steps:
Feel free to experiment a bit with layer opacities, and see if you can do anything on your own design to improve this image... that's where all the fun and learning is anyway! I went a little further and added in some toads, and a ground, but you guys can do that on your own.

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