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Have you ever lost a file or a picture and wished you had saved it somewhere else? With IDrive, your problem is solved. IDrive is an easy-to-use online backup with a simple interface and a lot of great features to help ease your life.

Online Backup

One of the highlights of IDrive is an automatic scheduling option for backups. The user is able to set a regular time, frequency, and day for backups so the data is always protected. This is extremely beneficial for people who are busy and are not constantly thinking about lost data, but can prevent future headaches. Also, data is never gone unless you want it to. All files are kept online and is there forever unless the you manually delete it. Hence, you can only blame yourself for lost files. IDrive also has the ability to restore up to thirty versions of files that are in your account.

Online File Backup

Another feature of IDrive is you can have your ‘desktop’ and files anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet access. As well, there is a built-in Help section that walks you through the feature and is a simple read for all new and sophisticated users.

Web Browser File Backup

One of the major pain with online services is the inability to connect with a person when you’re having technical issues. IDrive is one of the few companies that provides fast response and many communication channels to reach out for tech support. A person can contact them via phone, chat, or email. As well, there is a FAQs page on their site that addresses common tech issues with screen shots to walk you through the problem. Additional information like Sarbanes Oxley, SEC/NASD compliance, and HIPAA are also provided on their site.

If you’re wary of trying something new, there is a free IDrive basic plan that offers 5 GB. An upgraded version offers 150GB for only $4.95/month. Business and family packages are also available that has more space.

Overall, IDrive can be a life saver for many people. The time and stress you avoid in having an online backup is tremendous. Other online backups are complicated and takes time to understand the system. IDrive is simple enough for users to understand with the right features you need to protect your files. For more information about IDrive, watch their demo video or view the Online Backup Features.

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