Liquid tempera artistically splattered on semi-smooth paper then immediately photographed for a glossy look. These brushes can be adjusted to look like acrylic paint, blood, or paint in UV light. Download this astonishing set of 50 high resolution Photoshop brushes.

Glossy Blood Splatter Preview

Splattered Ink

Closeup of Splattered Ink

Splattered Blood

Paint in UV Light

See a Video Preview

Download the Photoshop Brushes

  • Resolution
  • Brushes
  • Gradient Map Included


  1. I can’t get the Style to work. All the default styles work but when i load the Glossy Blood Splatter it wont. It loads “Black Background” and then i can only get the brush to draw in white. When i change the color, nothing shows in the layer, yet in the layer preview it shows all the drawing done in that color.

    Anyone know what i need to do?