Combining two photos to create a new look is a fun way to learn various techniques. We’ll learn how to use the Circular Marquee tool from the center, adjusting the opacity of a layer, creating a path from a selection and adding text along it in the process. Let’s get started.

Preview of Final Results

Combining Two Photos Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Open the support file in Adobe Photoshop, an image from NASA in the public domain.


Step 2

Open an image of a person holding a circular object, such as a ball. This one is by Ronald Bloom and available through iStock at

Step 3

Now in the earth photo, click-and-drag a ruler guide from the top and bottom, halfway across so it’s in the middle. In the earth photo, subtract the entire length by 2 to get where the cursor needs to be exactly. Note: if rulers aren’t showing, press Command-R (PC: Control-R).

After drawing the ruler guides, hover the cursor over the center of the photo, where the two guides cross. Hold Option (PC: Alt) and click-and-drag the mouse. Hold Shift to maintain proportion. Once the Elliptical Marquee tool is around the earth, release the mouse button then the keys.

Step 4

It should look like this.

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  1. I was able to follow the steps and achieve the final result, but more explanation at each step would help us understand the tools and techniques used better. Right now, I don’t really know what Marquee or Work path does, although I used it correctly here; more explanation of these as and when they are mentioned in the steps would be very helpful!


  2. It’s great but when I add the circular text, it’s not a perfect circle, some characters are on a lower level, even though I did everything as you wrote. Also, the girl’s right hand reflects the original red ball’s shadow.