Step 6 – Filling in the background

Select the layer labelled “background.” Then select the Gradient Tool and fill the canvas as shown below.


Step 7 – Adding the sky

Create two more layers and label it “sky_colour” and “tree_colour.” As you can see below, I’ve deleted the “squirrel_sketch” layer. I have saved the sketch into a different psd file to work with later. Now select the “tree_colour” layer and roughly paint the tree brown. Then select the “sky_colour” layer and roughly paint the sky.


Add some more shadows to the “sky_colour” label. Create a layer labelled “sun” and paint a sun behind the tree.


Step 8 – Change the canvas size

To add more detail to the painting, you need a bigger canvas. So change the Image Size (Image > Image Size) to the following settings.

  • Width: 1500px
  • Height: 2222px
  • Resolution: 300


Step 9 – Quick detailing on the tree

Set the opacity of the “sketch” layer to 42% so that it doesn’t interfere with your painting. Select the “tree_colour” layer and add some more colour to your tree.


Hide the “sky_colour” layer so you can better work on your tree. Add some more detailing to the branches.