Step 11

Now select the healing brush tool and correct the imperfections on the skin. Be sure that you erase the smudged texture created from the Liquify filter (in my sample they’re visible next to the nose).


Step 12

Now we’re going to paint the models lips to make it more striking. Create a new layer on the top and select the brush tool (B). Use a small brush (about 30) and select a dark red color. On the newly created layer, paint over the lips with the selected red color. You don’t have to be too careful because we are going to fix this later. Change the layer mode to Soft Light and the opacity to 62%. Finally use the eraser tool to erase any painted areas that are not on the lips.


Step 13

Now select the smudge tool (R) with a small brush (about 8 px) and strength at 80 %. We are going to add some hair. in quick downward motions, smudge on the areas shown in the image below to create the hair. Alternate the size of the brush to get shorter or longer hair. You can quickly change the brush size by pressing the [ and ] keys on your keyboard. After you created the hair, you’ll notice that the background has been blurred from the smudge tool. We’ll fix this later.


Step 14

Choose Image > Canvas Size. Enter 1840 px as the width. We are going to add the background now. Usually you would select the girl and cut and paste her over the background, but we are going to try another technique that can be helpful sometimes. Select the texture for the background and copy it over our main image. Resize it to cover all the figure and then change the layer mode to Multiply. Now use a layer mask or the eraser tool to delete the area from the model. It’s easy and we don’t have to fight with the complicated hair selection. Anyway, if you prefer the other way, just use the quick mask mode or lasso tool to select the girl and paste over the background.



Step 15

Flatten the image. We’re almost done this photo manipulation but let’s try something a little more difficult. We want to make the image bigger and add some elements to the right of the girl. In this step, we’ll show you two methods of doing this.

First method

The first method is to simply duplicate the background texture and place it on the right. Use the levels and color balance tools to blend it with the original texture.


Then, position the texture so that the circles match up. Use the eraser tool (E) to erase the edge of this layer. Merge the two layers then use the healing brush tool (J) to correct any mistakes.


Second method

The second way it’s copy one of the circles from our background and paste it in the empty background. Repeat this step as much times as you need to cover the background. Use the same technique with the spaces between the circles but copying the green wall.


This will be more complicated than previous idea but you will not have brightness and color matching problems.