The Abstract Editorial Illustrations of Maria Corte
The Abstract Editorial Illustrations of Maria Corte

Maria Corte is an artist from Barcelona who creates illustrations using a combination of geometric shapes and textures. Her work has been used in book covers, posters, advertisements, and more. Read this interview and learn more about Maria Corte.

15 Wickedly Awesome Photomanipulations by Robin Lakowitz

Robin Lakowitz is a digital artists from Germany. At the age of 15, he creates some great photo manipulations and digital art using Photoshop. Read this interview and find out where Robin gets his inspirations and motivation.

16 Awesome Negative Space Illustrations by Tang Yau Hoong

This interview features the work of Illustrator/Graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong. His work features an incredible manipulation of negative space and you will surely stand in awe at his amazing designs. Read on this interview and learn more about his aesthetic as well as his personal insights.

19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

Interview with Shi Chun What are your plans after finishing your degree? My plans are kind of fuzzy but generally in the direction of completing some personal projects while working on some freelance work and hunting for a job. Singapore's culture does not exactly encourage taking time off for self exploration and finding one's way […]

17 Illuminating Digital Art by Kouji Oshiro

Graphic designer Kouji Oshiro creates digital artworks with insane creativity. In this interview we feature several of his glowing works that will definitely keep you inspired. Read on and get to know his inspiration and passion, as well as some words of advice. Hope you enjoy this interview!

16 Awe-inspiring Visual Imagery by Paul Henderson (Rise Design Studio)

Today we are going to feature Paul Henderson, the owner and head designer for Rise Design Studio. His background in philosophy, religious studies and psychology is evident in his work as he creates pieces with stunning details and imagery. Let this interview take you on a visual journey as we talk about Paul's inspirations and […]

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