Freebie: 12 Delicious Seamless Cookie Textures
Freebie: 12 Delicious Seamless Cookie Textures

Download this set of seamless/tileable cookie texture pack courtesy of SparkleStock. These high-res textures are 2048x2048 pixels and come in 6 Photoshop pattern sets of different resolutions for your convenience. Download these textures and see what you can create with them!

Freebie: 33 Seamless Spirograph Patterns

Download this set of 33 seamless Spirograph patterns by SparkleStock. These patterns come as Photoshop pattern files up to 512 pixels and in PNG images up to 4096 pixels. Video instructions for creating rainbow Spirograph artwork is included!

Freebie: 24 Seamless Bokeh Textures

Want a quick and easy way to add bokeh to your images? Then download these seamless bokeh textures - they're free! These high-res textures are seamless meaning that you can tile them. Free download provided by SparkleStock.

Freebie: 12 Seamless Flat Rock Textures

Download this set of 12 Seamless courtesy of SparkleStock! These textures can be tiled to create larger textures and work great as textures for 3D objects.

Freebie: 900 MB of Textures from 10 Ravens

Download this set of 120 various photo textures courtesy of 10 Ravens. 10 Ravens is a website for designers and artists to find free textures, 3D models, wallpapers, and more!

100 Megapixel Plaid Fabric Textures

Download this set of five ultra high resolution plaid textures. These hundred megapixel textures are big enough for any projects!