Create a Skeuomorphic Wedding CD Cover Using Only Nondestructive Layers
Create a Skeuomorphic Wedding CD Cover Using Only Nondestructive Layers

Learn how to create a wedding frame layout using only nondestructive editing techniques! You will learn how to create a subtle textured background, apply picture frames as Smart Objects, and create hanging strings. This tutorial is written for beginners and to follow it, you will need Adobe Photoshop CS6.

How to Create Business Template in Photoshop

Hey folks, in this massive tutorial you can watch and learn how full design process looks like. We will create a full designs set for ghost company and then we will fly thru the process of cutting and adapting scripts. All you really need is just Photoshop and some basic text editor.

Create a Minimalist Blog Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will see how to create a minimal and clean blog layout using Photoshop. You will also learn some useful methods and practices for creating web layouts in Photoshop.

Complete Guide to Creating a Blog Website Layout

Create a great website design in Photoshop! This tutorial will show you tips and tricks for creating your own blog layout. In addition to basic website template designing, you’ll learn some basics about perspective drawing, design theory, and website slicing. A PSD and sliced HTML template is included.

How To Create A Grungy iPhone Application Advertisement in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will explain how to create a grungy iPhone Application advertisement using Photoshop CS5. The tutorial will be explained step by step, and will include all of the details and tips you will have to know in order to finish it correctly.

How to Create Brochure Mockups in Photoshop

If you are beginner when it comes to print out things you can forget the headache while preparing document to print and leave behind all that weird-vector-things. With this tutorial you will be able to create a print-ready tri-fold brochure in nothing but Photoshop. The techniques shown here could be applied to any other printing […]


Turn any photo into a dot grid artwork with these Photoshop actions. You'll get great results with dots that change size. They get larger in brighter areas and smaller in darker areas. Free download available.