Learn the Tone Curve in 5 Minutes
Learn the Tone Curve in 5 Minutes

The tone curve is one of the most useful tool for photographers. It can be used to make any tonal adjustments like brightening your image and adding contrast. It's found in many software like Lightroom, Capture One, Premiere, After Effects and mobile apps like Lightroom Mobile. In this tutorial, you’ll learn in a simple way on […]

Why You Should Use Curves over Other Settings

There's been a lot of tutorials on the curves. But why should you use the curves over contrast/white balance/split toning, etc? In this tutorial by Denny's Tips, you'll learn 4 scenarios when you should be using the curves.

What's the Difference Between Lightroom Profiles and Presets?

Lightroom profiles are better than presets, but there are some things you should know. Profiles solve significant problems with presets - many that could not be solved without introducing something new. In this post, you'll learn the difference between profiles and presets and why profiles are the future. Although this is about Lightroom, the same […]

5 Popular Lightroom Effects in 5 Minutes (Reproducible in Photoshop)

There are a lot of effects that people ask about and they also happen to be very easy to do. In this quick tutorial, you'll learn how to create 5 popular Lightroom effects in less than 5 minutes. Although this is a Lightroom tutorial, many of the concepts can be reproduced in Photoshop using adjustment […]

How to Replace Skies in Photoshop

Learn how to replace skies in Photoshop with this tutorial from Denny's Tips. Most of the time, replacing skies means that you have to spend a lot of work cutting out the sky. But in this tutorial, you'll learn how to replace skies in a fraction of the time and effort. You'll also learn about […]

Secret Tone Curves Trick

Learn my biggest Photoshop secret: the "tone chart". This technique makes using the RGB tone curves easier, faster and more accurate. I've been doing this for years to create hundreds of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. Watch the video to learn my secret tone curves trick in Photoshop.


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