12 Cute Low-Polygon 3D Artworks by Erwin Kho

12 Cute Low-Polygon 3D Artworks by Erwin Kho

What is the story behind your Ecology series?

It was inspired by RTS games. I love how much effort the gaming companies put in making the units come to life and how they depict this mini economy buzzing across the screen. So in a way Ecology is a homage to that, but with a slightly darker undertone. The three landscapes are not necessarily the same piece of ground, but it does show different periods of artificial interference.

What keeps you busy nowadays? Any new projects that you're working on right now?

I'm working on a theme for the Playstation 3, together with Studio Output. The final piece should look pretty cool, with flying alien mantas, space stations… Oh and a monorail!

What advice can you give to our readers?

If you love what you are doing and you are good at what you love doing, do it! :)

More about Erwin Kho

https://www.behance.net/zerbamine https://www.zerbamine.nl/

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