Interview with 3D Artist, Art Director and Trainer Reynante Martinez

Interview with 3D Artist, Art Director and Trainer Reynante Martinez
Interview with 3D Artist, Art Director and Trainer Reynante Martinez

Today's feature is about Reynante Martinez, a Filipino freelance 3D artist, art director, and trainer who has been professionally working for almost ten years now. He is doing a variety of things related to computer graphics, design, and illustration. Read on and be inspired on his works and wisdom. Enjoy!

Can you tell us something about yourself? Do you have some kind of early artistic memory that has stuck with you over the years that you could share to us?

First off, thanks for having me here, it is such an honor. I am a freelance 3D Artist specializing in Lighting and Storytelling - the latter I enjoy the most. One of the early memories I have with art was tracing over the comic books that our mom would buy us whenever she gets home from the market. My elder brother and I would then take a carbon paper and a bond paper, place it at the back of the page, and trace over the outlines. It has been a wonderful experience and one that I couldn't forget - since that's where I got my interest with art and drawing in general.

Since you are a self-taught 3D artist, when and why did you start learning it?

I have always been fascinated with shapes, forms, and depth for as long as I can remember; and what more gratifying feeling than to recreate the world around me, or better yet, to create an entirely new world. As much as I love drawing in 2D, the added dimension of depth in 3D makes it a challenging medium, and exploring these volumes provides me with a euphoric feeling.

Did you find that your previous Computer Science degree helped you with your skills in computer graphics? Why or why not?

Honestly, it did - in a plethora of ways. Not only did this experience open my mind to a world of computation and analysis, it also bridged my interest to computer graphics, and to explore the inner architecture that goes behind what we see on the screen. In addition to this, it also helped hone my problem-solving skills. But I have to admit that at times during class, I just was too lazy to code and often would decide to scribble instead. ;)


Your Behance profile says that you are currently working as an architectural visualizer. Do you find it exciting? Why or why not?

I find it both exciting and challenging. Not long ago though, I decided to pursue another career in 3D, outside of the ArchiViz arena. However, the experience with architecture taught me a lot of lessons that I deem would have been very difficult to acquire elsewhere. I learned how to model, texture, and light in 3D with accuracy - let alone do everything in scale and proper proportion.

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