Interview with Art Director Adam Spizak

Interview with Art Director Adam Spizak

Interview with Art Director Adam Spizak

Adam is a Polish designer, currently residing in London, UK. His journey with computer graphics began in the year 1996/7 and in the year 2006, he became a Computer Science graduate majoring in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. Find out more of him in this interview along with his works. Enjoy!

Tell us something about your own career that no one else knows?

My daytime job is with major financial company where I help to build their flagship product working as part of the UX team. Exciting and challenging task, yet completely different from my freelance work.


Are you more of an illustrator or a digital artist? Why?

It's a very loose line between illustrator and digital artist. Think I would go with digital designer, artist is a word I try to stay away from. There's a lot of illustration and illustrative mentality in my work – I do often try to tell a story and make my work relevant to the subject, so that part of my work is def illustrative. But I do try to experiment a lot, often trying things that are less illustrative and more digital.


Are there any artists you look up to? If so, who are they and how did they influence you?

Almost all the people on my behance feed, I follow a lot of designers – from brilliant poster designers like Grzegorz Domaradzki and many 3D artist like Sasha Vinogradova. I do enjoy Zbrush Central forums a lot for new and creative 3D and closely follow work of Platige Image.


Are there any texts you have read that have been seminal or inspirational to your practice? If so, what is it?

Not really, i'm for the most part self taught, but I would def recommend making lists of questions and trying to google the issues. I find myself that I learn more from just observing peoples work and some of the quick tips of youtube videos. I think it's great that we have this chance to pretty much learn anything online.


When do you know that a piece of your art is already finished?

I think you never know – I remember someone said as an answer to that question: when you have no more time to work on it. And that's probably closest to truth, sometimes this can be a deadline for client or just some other project coming in and you need to move on. Purely on design side of things I could say that I know when project is done when I do include all the elements I wanted in it. It's a very hard to define moment when you feel it's good enough, sometimes it never is.

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