Interview with Character Designer and Concept Artist Alexandre Chaudret

Interview with Character Designer and Concept Artist Alexandre Chaudret

Interview with Character Designer and Concept Artist Alexandre Chaudret

Alexandre Chaudret is a talented French character designer and concept artist whose main and only goal is to draw and give life to awesome creatures and terrible monsters in strange worlds for epic battles. Every day of his life is very precious for he is learning, developing and working more of his skills as an artist. In this interview, we will show you how he started his journey as an artist, his inspirations and many more.

When did you start developing your drawing skills?

I guess I started to draw when I was something like… 5 years old, when my parents subscribed me to a drawing class I followed for 14 years. I started like every little boy : drawing explosions, monsters, people jumping from the Eiffel Tower in flames (d…does that sound weird ?!), and then copying mangas, drawing my stories and adventures of heroes I was creating… My real burst must have been at my 17th, when I decided to do art studies after school and become an « artist ». Shit got real during my six years of art studies and 3D in France. And now… Everyday is developing and working on skills, I guess !


How did you develop your style and how would you describe it?

I have no idea of what my « style » is… I work by thinking of stories and characters. When I start a new character for a client, I try to think of what they want, what they need, what is the client story, to provide the best work possible for them. When I paint for myself, I see my picture like a doorway : if the painting is good enough, then the doorway is open and the character can live out of my imagination. If not, the doorway is closed, and I just couldn't get the right mood for my character to live is own life… Sometimes, the gate is open enough to let other people appreciate my character, see their own stories through him, and that, that is my best success. My style would be… I don’t know, « dark and bad ass », perhaps ? ☺


As an artist, how do you handle creative criticism from other people?

Very bad as well as very well.

What I mean, is that I accept all criticism, even the bad ones. I am very critic on my own work, and the best I give to one of my painting sis a « meh, almost not bad… ». I have been taught to accept difficult critics and try to always say myself « what if I was wrong ? ». But I always feel very bad when I get critics. One of my friends told me « Man, you get a lot of compliments, but you would like to suicide yourself for one bad word… ». I guess it’s my personality, and even if I am growing in maturity and getting a « shield » against bad criticism, I can’t stop the harmful effect. Otherwise, there are the web-annoying-rude-effect, where every one thinks he can critic everything, with no responsibility. I have been a teacher at school, and I take very seriously « critics ». It is a true responsibility saying to someone what is good and wrong on his work. It should always be an engagement, something more than the fucking « you work looks like this image *troll bitch link* » or « I’m not sure the anatomy of the left finger is right, check on your studies and photos *wink *wink ». These are so low level critics… Just words on comments to try to show off your face… Annoying ☺

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