19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

What usually inspires you to create?

Music! I can never work without music. I'm not one that restricts myself to only a few genres. And also things I see in everyday life and the internet. They mesh up together somewhere in a dark room in my mind and outputs ideas that I'll consciously go through. I enjoy rolling ideas I have around in my head and see what they can snowball to, though it becomes a problem when I think too much about an idea and leave myself too little time to execute it. I tend to switch around between working with ideas that revolve around more thinking and ideas that revolve around less thinking and more technical to keep the mind fresh and happy. Ah of course, gaming impacts not just my art but life too. The influence from games in some of my works can be easily traced.

You create different projects through a variety of mediums. What medium/materials do you most enjoy working with and why?

The digital age can create so much more with the power of digital mediums, it's amazing. I'm starting to try and get myself more involved with digital mediums but currently I still enjoy working with non-digital mediums more probably out of habit. Pencils and pens are among my favourite tools although lino block prints do make a strong fight for that position too. There's certain peace and excitement when I'm neck deep in concentrating on working on a piece of work that I can touch. It's a certain feel about the tactile experience of working with non-digital mediums. Perhaps I am just old-fashioned haha. When it comes to colours, I'd say watercolour is my favourite although I'm less apt at it. There is something very beautiful about the translucent and transcient feel of watercolours especially in capturing sceneries or fleeting moments.

Can you tell us about the design you made for your school assignment (album cover for Mono)? Why did you choose this design and can you tell us your work process for this piece?

Before the assignment, I have never heard of Mono or their music before. When I obtained the album from my friend, I was blown away. I was thinking, how could this be the same instruments that people used to make rock music! The sounds presented were really "epic" and introspective at the same time. I imagined that I was standing before an endless horizon of a sparkling sea and the air was full of energy that was fierce at times and quiet at others. I presented some rough initial ideas to my class and one idea was almost unanimously chosen by my classmates. That idea developed to be one of an antelope running across the sea of waves, embracing the world. It will be bold and it will be elegant. It will be wild and it will be serene. Using paper cuts was almost the perfect solution. It could display a sense of fragility yet when you start to play with the form of papers and stack them up, there is suggestion it could be more than what it seems. That captured the essence of how I feel when I listen to Mono's album. I tried a few different ways of playing around with the paper before the final design came to be. From there the colours and final design of the abstracted form of the antelope, birds and sea pieced together naturally. The final touch was the illustration of the album name which came unexpectedly as I had thought of using existing fonts beforehand.

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  1. Yeah, these drawings are completely insane. The detail is out of this world. What a cool interview to post! Thanks!

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