19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

Are there any projects that the readers should look out from you?

Haha nothing really concrete at the moment although I did start a simple web comic on gaming and nerdy stuff recently that I hope to continue for a long time. I really enjoy doing little works that brings a smile to people out there that I do not know and may never know in my life. I've been very occupied with the Avengers and Diablo III lately, so my new projects could very well be inspired from these sources. I'd organise and upload the other creatures I did earlier in my FYP that I feel deserve to see the light soon on my Behance profile. So that's at least one thing to watch out for ;)

Lastly, any message for our readers?

I wish to quote Neil Gaiman here in his recent speech. Whatever good or bad situation you find yourself in, "make good art." I can't believe how much that 3 words can pack such a powerful message. Additionally, finding out what you're really passionate in or care about is very important. Only when you find something you really want can you actually change and start to really move forward in life. All my life I've only found out what I do not wish to be and I've hardly budged at all, even now. I wish everyone all the best in their journey in life and never forget to be happy and appreciate everything around us.


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  1. Yeah, these drawings are completely insane. The detail is out of this world. What a cool interview to post! Thanks!

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