Interview with Creative Designer and Art Director James Oconnell

Interview with Creative Designer and Art Director James Oconnell
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How do you see your work evolving in the next 5 years?

I’ve no idea how it’s going to evolve and I’m totally fine with that. I think that collaboration is going to be key in the next coming years as the projects I’m working on are getting bigger and bigger and if there’s one thing I really enjoy - it’s being able to work with über talented people, people who are at the top of their game allowing us to make pure gold!
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Thank you for your time, can you leave a final message to other individuals who are just starting in the industry before ending this interview?

Hear ye, hear ye - never stop asking questions, even if your question sounds stupid - say it. One thing I always ask of my own team is that if they have any inkling of an idea no matter how silly it sounds - say it. I’ve been known for throwing crazy ideas around the room but the great thing about doing this is that it gets your thinking out there and then as a team, you can converge and really bring it down to earth in a more executable fashion. So, ask them questions!

About the Artist

James Oconnell has been in the graphic design industry since 2007 and is currently based in the UK. Find out more about him and his works by visiting these links: (Twitter, Dribble, Instagram, Behance, Personal folio)

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