Interview with Graphic Designer George Stoyanov

Interview with Graphic Designer George Stoyanov

Do you experiment on using new methods or techniques?

I always make experiment on new techniques. I always try to mention innovations with every new project. I mix different styles and techniques trying to find something new.

I found your entry, "Movement" very intriguing. What's the story behind this?

That's right! That was my aim! To intrigue the viewers! The idea was to create a mass of all elements with variety of colors and movements. Like a whole human mind with all things moving around. This project was created in three parts. You can see it on That's my personal web site.

Can you share us your design philosophy?

Be different and do what you want! Do not listen what others said. Work hard with imagination, inspirations, ideas, aims and passion.

Any new projects that you're working on right now?

I'm in the process of preparing a lot of new projects in Typography, Digital Art and Interaction Design. For 2012, the projects that I made for Nike is going to be produced on the market. These projects are very interesting! Here is the place to give thanks to everyone on the Nike Team that gave me the opportunity to work with them. I have a lot of new ideas but I need some more time to be done with them. Thank you for the interview. I hope you visitors will find this interesting and have fun!


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