Does the people/scenery you capture influence you in any way?

Absolutely. Some people would say that they just observe, take the picture, and there’s no feelings involve in the process. I have to say that I am involved in their life, there’s an intense feeling of empathy and sympathy. But you have also to control those feelings to protect your mental health and try not to become them. Learning is ok, getting too involved can be dangerous.


Emotions are said to be an important aspect of photography. How important is this element for you as a photographer?

For me it is everything, but not only as a photographer, but essentially as a human being. An image, when flat, is just a piece of paper. Emotions are the salt of life, what make us different from animals, what make us cry or smile, what make us love or hate. If I can get a bit of that on my works, I’m happy.


What tools of the trade do you use most often?

I should ask for some dollars to the trades for the “free” publicity :) Canon EOS-1 Mark III for example, amazing peace of machine, and of course Photoshop. Yes, yes, I’m guilty of using PS. It’s funny sometimes when those who don’t know how to use it, criticize it as if it were a demon and defend almost radically the use of traditional analog technology. They don’t complain about new technology when they are sending emails or talking by smart phones. Should we ask them to write letters with the envelope and postage stamp?


What do you consider as your most memorable experience as a photographer?

Let’s start from the nice one. It was in Bali, in an orphanage where I spent three days with them. It was lovely to experience the kids so much love and joy considering their terrible stories behind. And the most intense one was in the island of Java, Indonesia. The locals were performing a trance ceremony called Kuda Lumpeng. It was unexpectedly strong and contagious.


What keeps you busy now? Any new projects?

I am preparing a trip to the Shaolin Monastery. I can not wait to see how the monks perform. It’s gonna be an intense professional and personal experience.


What message can you give to our readers?

To the viewers, I would ask them to observe without prejudice, just with the pleasure of seen something different. And to the artist, to be passionate and to have faith on what they do.


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  1. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    These are amazing. Super creative and imaginative and all things that are good.

  2. Varun Avatar

    “Pleasure of seeing something different without prejudice” ..Thats something a real artist should have
    nice works

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