Interview with Photographer Emanuele Marzocca

Interview with Photographer Emanuele Marzocca
I follow Behance regularly as I like to see what other photographers do and how they do it and for instance there I have a great inspirational friend who is Bettina Güber. Although she doesn’t describe herself as a professional but as an amateur photographer, because she doesn’t sell her work but she shoots photos for her own pleasure. However the quality, the editing and what she puts of herself into her images goes well beyond the amateur stage, she in the end is a real professional photographer.

This said, I have to add that although I admire her art (and also the art and inspiration of some other great names there like Mary Michelle Scott just to mention another one) I feel inspired more from her feelings than her way to photograph. I would never try to copy her or anyone else for that matter, I have my own way of shooting and editing my photos which for me is unique. Maybe that in the end the results I get resemble someone else’s work but that for me is pure coincidence, it’s just a convergence of feelings more than techniques.


Almost all of your photographs are plants, animals or flowers. Can you tell us why you chose them as your main subject?

This question is rather hard to answer as I usually don’t have any specific preference about my subjects but being an admirer of nature I love to look around for instance when I take my daily walks and discover lovely flowers and plants or animals and find them interesting subjects for my photos. In principle I love to shoot almost anything but I am very much attracted by the little everyday things that quite often people tend to overlook. Since I live in in a lovely area of mountains, hills and luxurious nature it comes out very easily for me to shoot this kind of subjects.

What have become your biggest marketing tools in the last three years?

As of now, living a comfortable semi-retired life, I am not really into the mainstream of moneymaking production though I love to share my work and knowledge with others as I think that the best way to relate myself to other photographers, being them professional or amateurs, is not to compete but collaborate, exchange ideas and knowledge of our skills both in shooting and editing pictures and share what we have learned in our “photographic life “ so far. I find Behance a very good marketing tool as the level of its members is mostly quite high and most of them are rather innovative and creative and for me creativity is the most important thing in the art of photography.

Can you tell us about your most memorable shoot that you've done so far?

I never thought about a “most memorable shoot” within my production as for me each and every shot I have taken has had its own importance and represented and still represents a particular moment of my life, a distinct instant where I infused a very specific feeling that I had in that very moment. Having thousands and thousand of photos in my collection it would be very difficult for me to look at all of them and define now what is my most memorable shoot I’ve done so far.

What’s the single most important piece of advice you have received as an emerging photographer?

As I have said before, when I was still a kid and I started shooting photos I luckily had an uncle who was a great photographer and he of course gave me the basic hints on how to shoot a good photo, the right lighting, the subject, the framing. Do not forget that many years ago we didn’t have computers and we couldn’t count on the precious help of great software like Photoshop and the editing was very, very limited. However he also gave me what I deem to be the most important advice in order to get a good photo.

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