3 New Photoshop Mockups of the iPad Pro

3 New Photoshop Mockups of the iPad Pro
3 New Photoshop Mockups of the iPad Pro

There's a new iPad Pro and here are 3 free Photoshop mockups for it. These mockups let you create images of your project on an iPad Pro without having to take your own photo. They're a great way to help visualize your design or to make more interesting ads/graphics/etc. This free download is provided by SparkleStock. You can also upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all 10 high-res mockups.

These mockups are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC.

Designers: Please note that the new iPad Pro has a different aspect ratio. You can use these mockups to preview how your designs made for older iPads will look on the new iPad Pro (3rd Generation).

Free Download

  • 3 Photoshop Mockups
  • 3 JPG Mockups
  • 800x600 pixels

Pro Version

  • 10 Photoshop Mockups
  • 10 JPG Mockups
  • 6000x4000 pixels
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  1. Can you help? I'm trying to use this in Affinity Photo but can't get it to work. Btw I know Affinity is not Photoshop but it can open PSD's.

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