Composite a Modern Matte Portrait in Photoshop

Composite a Modern Matte Portrait in Photoshop

- Jenny

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6 comments on “Composite a Modern Matte Portrait in Photoshop”

    1. The tutorial is fine for the most part but I'm astonished that the author can get away with such laziness. The point of a tutorial is to teach you _how_ not what you did.

      Let me help you:
      Add a Curves layer (from the adjustments panel). Add a point in the middle of the line and drag it down. This will darken it. OR.... add a Brightness/Contrast layer instead of Curves. No reason to use curves for something this basic.

      Click on the layer mask thumbnail in the layers panel. Use the Brush tool (b) and then right-click on the document and pick a round brush with a hardness of 0-50%. Set your foreground color to black and then paint over the areas that you want to brighten back up.

  1. where can i get some of your tutorials, pls am a graphic designer and i want to learn more. pls help

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