Create a Fantasy Ghost Scene with Adobe Photoshop

Create a Fantasy Ghost Scene with Adobe Photoshop

Create a Fantasy Ghost Scene with Adobe Photoshop

Step 28

Double click each of the butterfly layers , choose Outer Glow. Set the color of glow to white.

Step 29

Apply a Gaussian Blur of 6 px to the big butterflies on the foreground to help increasing the depth of the scene.

Step 30

Create a group for the butterflies layers and add a Color Balance adjustment layer to give the butterflies more vibrant.

Step 31

Use a Curves adjustment layer and increase the light so much to give the butterflies some ghostly effect.

Step 32

Add a mask to this butterflies group and use a soft black brush with a lowered opacity (about 20-30%) to reduce their visibility to make them more mysterious.

Step 33

Make a new layer on top of the layers and use a soft brush with the color #9c9489 to paint over the butterflies . Change this layer mode to Linear Dodge 20% give them some glowing effect.

Step 34

Create a new layer and select a small brush with the color #9c9489. Press F5 to change the settings of this brush:

Use this brush to paint tiny dots around the transparent dress. You can hit [ or ] while painting to change the size of the brush if needed. 

Hit Ctrl+G to make a group for this layer and alter this layer mode to Color Dodge 100%

Step 35

Make a new layer and the same brush to paint bigger dots on the dress. I've used a layer mask to reduce their visibility and the unwanted dots. 

Step 36

Create a Channel Mixer adjustment layer on top of the layers and change the Red and Blue settings. 

On the mask of this layer, use a soft black brush to erase the blue effect on the right side, leaving the blue visible only on the left. 

Step 37

Make a Gradient Map adjustment layer and pick the colors #e10019 and #00601b. Lower the opacity of this layer to 20%.

Step 38

Add a Color Balance adjustment layer and alter the Midtones and Highlights values:

Step 39

Use a Vibrance adjustment layer to enhance the whole effect. Paint on some butterflies to reduce the blue cast on them. 

Step 40

Make a Curves adjustment layer to increase the light and contrast of the scene a bit. Paint on some areas to keep their lightness.

Final Result

Download the PSD

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