Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Man Watching a Magical Sky

Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Man Watching a Magical Sky

Step 13

Now we will place these shapes around the landscape. The first spot will be on the right side of the man. To blend it together we will reduce the Opacity to 65% and with a soft brush and black color we will paint a little bit on the mask the bottom of the shapes.

Step 14

Duplicate that layer and place it somewhere on the left with 50% Opacity. Since it's supposed to be further, reduce the size.

Step 15

Place another one somewhere in the middle and reduce the Opacity to 25%. This is how it should look:

Step 16

Next, we will add the lines coming from the center of the sky with the Line Tool(U). So pick up the Line Tool and create some lines with this color: #db9da1.

Step 17

For each line you create a new shape layer is going to be created in the layers panel, combine these layers into just one layer by selecting them in the layers panel, right-clicking and selecting Merge Shapes. Now add a layer mask to it and using a soft brush paint with black color the tip of the lines.

Step 18

We will repeat the process with another set of lines but this time we're going to make them white.

Step 19

Now there's only one thing to add, the air balloons. So go ahead and place it on the canvas and get rid of the sky with any of the methods we previously explained or your own method.

Step 20

Let's change a little bit the light on this balloon, add a Curves adjustment layer.

Step 21

Place the second balloon. Since it has to look that it's further in the distance make it smaller. We will make a Curves adjustment layer and we will make it darker than the first one.

Step 22

Repeat the process with two more balloons and this is how it should look like:

Step 23

The last thing we'll do is add a Gradient Map, the one I used is a Photoshop preset and you should have it. Reduce the Opacity of the layer to 10%.

Step 24

Now we don't want the Gradient Map to show on the ground and on the man because it makes it too red, so we're going to add a layer mask and hide it.

Step 25

And we're done, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Final Results

Download the PSD | 87.0 MB

Tutorial by Alexander West

Thank you for following my tutorial. I hope you liked it. Follow me on twitter: alexan_west - Alex
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14 comments on “Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Man Watching a Magical Sky”

  1. I still cannot believe that the end result came from what the original photo started with. Very good work!

  2. Totally cool. Doesn't photoshop have the coolest features if you can make an image like this out of basically nothing?

  3. The tutorials are very easy to follow and I appreciate that very much. I am just getting started and sometimes I am not even sure what photoshop can really do for me. I love the results. great work

  4. The man sitting on the bench reminds me of my grandfather, who's passed away. This would be a great pic to memorialize him . Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Have you finished this project yet? I would like to see the end results of others that have tried the tutorial.

  5. Man Watching A Magical Sky - looks like an Incomplete tutorial. Disappointed. Unable to continual after staep 14.

    1. Hehe, it's split into two pages. You needed to click "2" to get to the second page of the tutorial. Common sense really. It's a good tutorial.

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