How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Poster in Photoshop

How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Poster in Photoshop
How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Poster in Photoshop
Reveal some more portion of the model.
Reveal rest of the image.
Color correct the image using Curves and Vibrance adjustment layers.

Step 7

Load the stag ( img035 ) into Photoshop. You need to change the image mode to RGB from Index. Choose Image > Mode > RGB. Then drag it into the design. Invert the image ( Ctrl+I )
Place it behind the model. Change blend mode to Lighten.

Step 8

Open up the male head stock. Desaturate the image. Adjust brightness and contrast using the Curves command.
Drop the image into composition. Resize and flip horizontally.
Change the blend mode to Multiply.
Duplicate the head layer and invert it.
Load selection from the circle in the middle and use it to mask out the head negative thus showing the portion inside the circle.
Apply gradient to the outer circle.

Step 9

Load the flames stock image. Copy the below one and paste above the outer circle.
Incorporate the flames into the ring. Mask out the flames using the selection from the ring.
Change blend mode to Screen. Increase flames saturation using Hue/Saturation dialog box ( Ctrl+U ).
Shrink down the flames mask to get rid of any edge artifacts caused by semi transparent pixels. Click on the flames layer mask and load Levels dialog box (Ctrl+L). Enter highest value in the mid tones field.

Step 10

We now going to clip different graphic elements to the shape layers. First Load the petals stock into Photoshop. Select a petal using any selection tool. Copy and paste into main document.
Place the petal above the shape layer that we want to clip to.
Copy the splash using Lasso Tool. Paste it above another shape. Scale it down and flip horizontally.
Apply Unsharp Mask to sharpen the detail. Then clip it to the layer below.
Load the grunge brushes into the brushes palette. Pick a grunge brush and apply a stroke.
Clip the paint stroke to the shape layer.

Step 11

Add more elements. Add a sphere from the pack.
Pick a balloon from the balloon pack.
Add butterflies from auto shapes. Or you can create your own butterfly from stock image.
Create a nice blend in Illustrator. Select the lines and press Ctrl+Alt+B.
Apply color overlay

Step 12

Drop in the splatter stock image into the composition to give organic feel. Place it below the shape layers. Size down the splatter to fit the document.

Step 13

Add some more enhancements. Load the star brushes into the brushes palette. Pick a brush and adjust the parameters.
Apply the brush.
Now create light streak. Make a new layer. Select a round soft brush. Set the brush size to 500px. Apply the stroke on the bottom edge of the canvas and stretch it vertically.
Place it above the star and invert it.
Rotate the streak by -45 degrees.
Add tiny highlights with the star brushes and a soft brush. Choose white as brush color.
Add some more highlights varying in size using soft brush.
Add some color.
Change the layer blend mode to Screen.
Give the model some additional treatment.
Create a new document 350 X 350 pixels. Fill the background with black. Apply Lens Flare effect (Filter > Render > Lens Flare.)
Drag and drop the lens flare into the design. Place it above the butterfly, change the blend mode to Screen.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorials. I get some problems in step 8. I change the blend mode to Multiply and duplicate the head layer and invert it. But it't not work. It becomes draker. I try many ways. But it dosn't show like that.

  2. I loved this tutorial. Some parts were hard to understand but searching for the answer got me more familiar with Photoshop. The only thing i really didn't like was the section where you make a blend in Illustrator. I don't know enough about the program to know how to do that. I had to leave it out because I couldn't figure it out. A little more detail on that part would really help. Other than that, great job. Thank you

  3. Amazing! I am a beginner in photoshop and I was able to create an exact look alike thanks to your tutorial!

  4. SUCH! an interesting and informal tutorial, I know so much more now and first thing tomorrow will design my own version of this and try and expand upon techniques. Brilliant! Thanks for all your effort in preparing this.

  5. I enjoyed your tutorial. A few of the steps were confusing as I am learning some of the tools. A few things were not explained, like having to take off the multiply blend mode from the second male head so the invert worked. All in all very nice job!

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