Create an Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create an Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 30

Now we will add some color correction to the scene, so create a new layer and fill it with color #e9cf1d. Change this layer's blending mode to soft light and opacity to 50%. Keep octopus arms to the front to make it unaffected by coloration to the city.

Step 31 - Adding destruction to arm.

To add destruction to the arm, detach some part of the arm from the tip. Hide some part of the arm then import "junk1.jpg" & "junk2.jpg" and transform this metallic junk to place on the destroyed portion of the arm. Add shadows to the destroyed part of the arm.

Step 32 - Creating nuclear explosion.

Open the "explosion.png", transform and re-size it to fit into the scene. Duplicate explosion and set its blending mode to screen with 100% opacity. Select smoke brush, pick a color from the explosion layer then start creating mushroom of a nuclear explosion. Change the color to #a1a795 and opacity 50% and continue to creating explosion clouds.

Step 33

Similarly, create the lower part of a nuclear explosion by adding smoke and clouds to base. Use color #9ea27b and #60654c to create lower part. Experiment with colors, size, and opacity of the brush to achieve the best results. Add shadows to the lower part to make the explosion prefect. Select a soft brush of color white & roundness 60% and create a glow of nuclear explosion.

Step 34

Create a new layer, fill it with color #92b40b, add a layer mask, and hide the area in the city except for the sky. Change its blending mode to multiply and opacity 10%. Next, duplicate this layer, remove the layer mask, and change its blending mode to color burn. Set its opacity to 10%, this will add nice coloration to the sky.

Step 35 - Adding aircrafts.

We are about to finish this tutorial, add some military hardware like fighter planes and bombers. Open the "fighter-plane-1.png", "fighter-plane-2.png" and "fighter-plane-3.png", transform them and place into the scene to make scene perfect.

Step 36 - Adding attack choppers.

This is the last step of this tutorial. Open the "helicopter1.jpg", "helicopter2.jpg" & "helicopter3.jpg", isolate these helicopters and place into the scene. Add a missile launched from helicopter, create its smoke tail by smoke brush and our tutorial is finished here. That's all friends! Here is the final preview of the scene.

Final Results

Download the PSD

Alien | 33 MB

Authors Comment

profileThat's all friends, you may notice that I've created the whole scene with some basic tools and few simple techniques to achieve best results. What matters here is the proper visualization of idea before you go ahead to work on it. Check out my blog at to see some more interesting articles and tutorials. Thank you for following this tutorial! - Narendra Keshkar

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