Create an Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create an Alien Invasion Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 19

Similarly add destruction to other buildings by following steps 12 - 18. Pay special attention to the source & direction of lights while adding shadows.

Step 20

Now we will add demolition to building behind the main buildings. Open "demolished building 4.jpg", isolate its demolished part, which is clear enough to extend. Duplicate this layer several times to extend this demolition texture. Use the clone stamp tool to create a seamless texture. Rename this layer to "demolition texture 1".

Step 21

Duplicate the demolition texture, press Ctrl + T and transform it to place relative to the building. Add a layer mask to the texture, click on the mask, and press Ctrl + I then hide everything. Now select a hard grungy brush and start unmasking areas where you want to show demolition. Duplicate the demolition texture layer and set its blending mode to multiply with 40% opacity.

Step 22

Select a soft brush of size 15 pixel & color black and start adding shadows to the edges of the unmasked part of the demolition layer. Add cracks to add more realism to demolition. Open the "grunge1.jpg", place it on building, and set its blending mode to darken. Rename this layer to grunge, duplicate the layer, and set its blending mode to multiply with 10% opacity.

Step 23

Now we have created demolition for building, but I want it to extend it to the top to give it a completed destroyed building. Select the city layer and remove the top portion of the building by clone stamp tool so that our demolition can be extended to the top portion of the building. Create some vertical and horizontal rectangles to make destroyed pillars of the building, duplicate them, and arrange them to the top of the building.

Step 24 - Adding destruction to land.

Add destruction to the land by opening the "grunge2.jpg", press Ctrl + T and transform it to fit on the land. Set its blending mode to darker color. This will create impressive destruction to the land which will look like this. Rename the layer to "land destruction".

Step 25

Next, we will mask octopus arms at some areas to merge it with the scene. Add a layer mask to the octopus arms, hide some parts of the arm that is in front of buildings to send it behind the building.

Step 26

Now when a building suddenly destroys then obviously it catches fire and starts burning, hence to add more realism to our scene we will add some fire. Open "fire.jpg", set its blending mode to screen and transform it to add fire to the buildings. Due to screen blending mode, the background is now invisible, but the fire has become transparent at the center and to correct it just duplicate the fire layer and mask all areas except center area, set its blending mode to normal.

Step 27 - Adding smoke to the fire.

Select brush tool and load "smoke.abr", select the brush, press F5 to access brush options and add these settings:

Step 28

Create heavy smoke to the fire because in daylight fire creates a lot of smoke. Experiment with opacity and size of the smoke brush to create perfect smoke. Add more fire to other buildings by following steps 26 to step 28. Your scene will look like this.

Step 29

To make the scene more dramatic I will create a large cloud of smoke just above the city. For this, select smoke brush, lower its opacity to 50% and create a smoky dome above the city.

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