Now on the Channel Mixer layer mask use a soft black brush to refine the red light, make it flow along the stair from the gate. Here is my result on the mask and on the picture:


Step 30

Apply the same technique on a new Curves adjustment layer as I wanted to brighten the red effect:


Step 31

Create a new layer on the top. Use a soft brush with the color #af696c to paint on the gate area. change the mode of this layer to Hard Light 100%:


Step 32

On a new layer use the same brush to paint again on the top of the gate but set the mode to Overlay 100%:


Step 33

I used a new layer and a soft white brush with the opacity about 40% to brighten the red light. Change this layer mode to Overlay 100%:


Step 34

Open the nebula image. To give it more “fiery” effect, I duplicated this layer and used the Liquify Tool to bend it. Go to Filter > Liquify and choose the Forward Warp Tool:


Use this tool to tweak the nebula in the way you want. Here is my result:


Step 35

Drag the result onto the gate after resizing it down and change the mode to Overlay 100%:


To remove the dark edges of this nebula image, double click this layer, choose Blending Options. Hold down the Alt/Option key while dragging the black slider of This Layer until most of the dark edges disappear:


Step 36

Add a mask to this layer and use a soft black brush to remove the remained edges:


Step 37

I used Hue/Saturation to change the color of this effect:


Step 38

To make the effect more visible I used a Levels adjustment:


On this Levels layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the visibility on a part of the effect:


Step 39

I used Vibrance to enhance the final effect:


On this layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the redness on the raising hand of the model:


Final Results


Download the PSD


Tutorial by Jenny Le

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope that you enjoyed it. If you want to view my other arts and tutorials you can follow me on Facebook or look at my Deviantart page .

– Jenny

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  1. This is actually a very beautiful idea, I’m actually looking to use an anti-alcohol graphic for a work project. This tutorial has given me some great tips, nice one…

  2. Stephanie Csornok

    SO cool I actually need to do an anti-alcohol graphic for a project right now! I won’t use this verbatim obviously, but this tutorial has given me some GREAT ideas!

  3. WoW ! excellent tutorial that is. Your writing quality is really easy to understanding. Thank You for sharing….

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