Vintage Photo Effect

Vintage Photo Effect

Give your photos a soft and memorable feeling. This easy Photoshop tutorial is suitable for beginners and will show you how to use four adjustment layers to create this photo effect. A Photoshop action is also included at the end of this Photoshop tutorial.

Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Preview of Final Results

Step 1 – Open the photo into Photoshop

Choose File > Open, browse for the photo, then click OK. This photo effect works best on outdoor portraits.

Step 2 – Create a group

To create this effect, we’ll be using three adjustment layers. For better layer organization, we’ll place all these adjustment layers inside a group that lets us know that these layers are related to the photo effect. To create a new group, click on the button in the layers palette. Double-click on the group name in the layers palette to rename the group.

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