Step 35

Now we have done with background, model and stones.It’s time for final adjustments. First applied the curves adjustment layer set it as shown below and reduce the opacity to 21%.


Step 36

Click on the layer mask and select the soft round brush then paint a dot on the layer mask shown in the image in the below.


Step 37

Let give the image a soft warming look by adding a photo filter adjustment,select the warming filter(85) and set the blend mode color, opacity to 51% and select the layer mask of photo filter adjustment layer choose a soft round brush with 100% opacity as well as flow and paint a dot on layer mask .


Here is the result.


Step 38

I added a gradient map adjustment layer to darken the bottom part of the image and highlight a bit in middle.Choose color #000000 for shadows and for highlight choose #9c5b07. Then change the blend mode to soft light and opacity to 20%.Grab the brush tool with 30% opacity & flow and paint on the layer of this adjustment layer as shown in the image.


Result after applying Gradient Map.


Step 39

Next I added a channel mixer adjustment layer. This layer is milestone of this manipulation because it converts our manipulation totally in a moon night scene. So add the channel mixer adjustment layer. Then select red channel and set blue to +2. Then select blue channel set the red to -11 and green to +44.


Step 40

Now activate the model selection by selecting model and Hold down the ctrl key and click on the layer mask of the model. Then invert the selection by pressing Alt+Shift+I paint on channel mixer adjustment layer mask as shown below with soft round brush with 100% opacity and flow. Then again activate the selection of model. Click on the layer mask of Channel Mixer adjustment hide some effect of channel mixer on model by selecting soft round brush and opacity to 30% as well as flow.


Step 41

Here is the result after applying Channel Mixer adjustment layer.


Step 42

Next I added a Gradient Map for warm look for the image. Choose the color #3e270c and #01040a. Set the blend mode to color dodge and reduce the opacity to 83%.


Here is the result:.


Step 43

Next I added adjustment Hue/saturation adjustment layer. set the Hue to +230, saturation to +27 and lightness to -14.click on the layer mask of this layer,Then pick the soft brush with the setting 30% opacity and flow then paint it on model dress as shown in the image below.




Step 44

I added brightness/contrast adjustment layer.Set the contrast to +2 and brightness to +32




Step 45

Now will add two more final adjustment layers.Select the color lookup adjustment layer and choose Horror blue lookup.Then change the blend mode soft light and opacity to 30%.Pick the soft round brush with setting step 43 and paint on the layer mask of this layer as shown in the image




Step 46

Now add the final adjustment. Select curves adjustment layer set it as shown below then reduce the opacity to 40%. Pick the soft round brush and paint with same setting we did in previous step like shown below.


Result should be similar to this:


Step 47

Now Put all final adjustment layer into a group and name it final adjustments. Now, It’s time to create the stars in the sky by applying filters.Create a new layer on the top then convert it smart object by Right clicking on the layer then choose convert to smart object and fill it with black, go to edit>fill.

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