Step 48

The go to filter Noise> add noise > set the noise 80% also check on the monochromatic.Then got to filter>filter gallery>texture>Grain set the intensity to 0,contrast to 54 and grain type to contrasty should have similar result


Grain setting


Step 49

Now Again go to filter>filter gallery>Sketch>Plaster.Make sure your foreground and background color set to black/white.Set Image Balance to 16, smoothness to 3 and light to top as shown in the image


Result should be similar


Step 50

Now the change the blend mode to screen and apply a layer mask to this layer. Select the brush tool with 300 pixels of size then change the opacity and flow to 70%. Paint on the entire layer except on the top because stars appeared in sky You can see the result on the layer mask below.


Step 51

Here is the result


Final result

Here are the final results.


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Bunty Pundir

profileThank you for following the tutorial. I love to create the photo manipulation. I am not a professional artist but have knowledge about Photoshop.I learned Photoshop from Internet. Hard work is the key to success. NEVER GIVE UP & Waiting for your outcome. You can contact me on Bunny7766.deviantart.com.

– Bunny

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