Step 18

Next I added a gradient fill adjustment layer and choose the color #133943 as shown in the image. Change the blend mode to soft light and opacity to 49%.Create clipping mask for this layer also.


After applying gradient fill, result should be similar to this.


Step 19

Now , darken the image by applying a hue saturation adjustment layer.Set the hue to +8 , saturation to -41 and lightness to -26.Create clipping mask for this layer also.


Here is the results:


Step 20

I added a Brightness and contrast adjustment layer. Set the Brightness to -28 and Contrast to -21 then reduce the opacity to 50%.Create clipping mask too for this layer


Result should be similar to this.


Step 21

Now create a new layer by pressing ctrl+shift+N key, name it dodge and burn.Go to edit menu then fill it with 50% gray.Set the layer blend mode to overlay.


Step 22

Pick the burn on tool Panel by pressing (O) on the keyboard set the the range to midtones and strength to 9% and paint the dark part on the model also set the size to 50 pixels. Then grab the dodge tool and range to midtones,strength to 9% size to 50 pixels then paint top part of the model to make highlights.Result should be similar to this


Step 23

Next I created the fog by applying cloud filter. To do this create a new layer below the model layer by pressing shift+ctrl+N key, set your foreground color to #858585 and background to color #FFFFFF.Go to-filter-render-clouds and apply the clouds filter two times.


Step 24

Now apply layer mask to image and grab the soft brush and opacity to 80% as well as flow.Then paint the top and bottom part of the layer.Name it Fog.The change the blend to soft light and opacity to 40% The result should be similar to this.Before heading forward Put all the model layer into the group name that group Model.


Step 25

Now I added to stones to the image. Place the dark forest 6 by miranda-rose stock from deviantart above the model layer as shown below.I only want to keep the stones.


Step 26

To keep the stones, We need to apply the layer mask to the image and pick soft round brush opacity & flow to 100%. Then hide the top part of the image because we only wanted the stone.


Step 27

Then again Set the opacity and flow to 30 to 40% and paint on the stone like shown in the image below:.


Step 28

To match the color of the stone I applied a Hue/Saturation, set the hue to +16, saturation -66 and lightness to -49.Create clipping mask for this layer.


Step 29

Here is the result:.


Step 30

Place again the dark forest image but this time place it like shown below so, it can cover entire the canvas.


Step 31

Apply layer mask to this layer and set brush setting as we applied in step 25 & 26. Paint it as shown in the image


Step 32

Next I applied a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with same setting applied in step 28.As you can see we blended the stones properly to our image.Create clipping mask for this layer also.


Step 33

I created the light rays. To do this grab the soft brush, hardness to 0% and opacity and flow to 30%. Choose the color #dfdf15 and paint as shown in the image.


Step 34

Then change the blend mode to soft light and opacity to 40%. Here is the result

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