How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

Add another background on the other side. For the second background object, set its blending to normal at 30% opacity:


Step 21 (adding more objects)

We have almost finished the composition. In this step, we will add more nuance of fairy atmosphere by adding flowers to the scene. As we can see in the screenshot, we can figure out where I added the flowers. However, optionally we can add the flowers somewhere which is not exactly the same place where I put them.


Now add fairies and butterflies. Give some highlight on the fairies the same way as we have add ones to the other objects. For the butterflies, vary their blending opacity to 45-60%.


Step 22 (adding light)

Create a new layer on which we will paint some soft white light under the faries feet. Activate the Brush Tool again. Choose a very soft round brush. Set its opacity to 10-20%. Paint some white light under the faries feet.


Create another new layer. Fill this new layer with black. Set its blending to color dodge at 100% opacity. On this layer, paint white spots on the foreground areas. Use a very soft round brush with size varied to 1-5. Set the opacity of the brush at 60-100%. Still on this layer, paint some light on the door of the main stone house. To paint the light on the door, set opacity of the brush to 5-10 and stoke the brush repeatedly on the door and stair. Well, this is the layer should look like in the normal blending at 100% opacity:


And this is the result after set to color dodge blending at 100% opacity:


Step 23 (adding more objects)

I decided to add more doors on the foreground trees to emphasize the feel of a fairy world. Well, this is what we should do: firstly, duplicate the door layer previously made in the tree house group. Make the duplication as many as needed. Place each duplication where needed on the tree foregrounds. Finally, give them some highlight.


Then, here is the result after being added a bird to the scene:


Step 24 (a peeking girl)

To complete the composition of the scene, we will add the final object: a peeking girl. Open the girl stock image. Cut out the model from its background and then add to the main document.

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial! I finished it and my image looks just like yours! It was a lot of fun! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this tutoriel but certain material(equipment) not more available sound

    Ariata – DeviantART

  3. amazing photo! but when I opened the tree picture in the beginning in PS it was shorter than the background. Not that perfect as your screenshot. should I change the picture size or do you have any tip?

  4. "Links don't work" "writing on background", just use another picture. There's billions out there.

  5. damn haha, took forever!! Amazing tutorial, I wouldn't normally do something like this, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I may never use.


    Amazing feeling to finish something like this lol

  6. Links #5, #6 (Ariata – DeviantART, Flowers – DeviantART) as well as the last one do not work :(

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