How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

How to Create a Night Jungle Scenery in Photoshop

Mask unneeded parts of the house to hide them and only the door part of the house is revealed.


The door is a little bit dark. We need to lighten it a bit more. Here is what to do: create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) above the door layer within the group. Make sure to create a clipping mask to this layer. Fill this new layer with 50% grey and set its blending to overlay at 100% opacity. With a very soft round brush, stroke white color to the areas to be lightened. Here is the normal blending of this layer will look like:


And here is the result after the layer is set to overlay at 100% opacity:


Step 13 (Giving highlight to the stone house)

Now processed to give some highlight to the edges of the stone house. Create another new layer above the main building layer within the stone house group. Give this layer a clipping mask. Make sure to choose white color for the foreground. Hit B on the keyboard to activate brush tool. With a very soft round brush set to 10-20% opacity, stroke the edges of the building to give it highlight. Here is the result should be:


We are almost done with the stone house. Finally, to make the house blended better, reduce the opacity of the house group layer to just 75-80% opacity:


Step 14 (Adding path)

Now we will add a path to the scene. Open the garden stock image on the document. scale the size and locate it in front of the stone house.


Mask the rest of the image so that only the path is revealed:


Step 15 (adding highlight to the foregrounds)

By consideration that the light comes intensely from the back centered source, it will be casted on some areas in the foregrounds. To define this phenomenon, we will add some highlight on the areas where the light should be casted. Go back to the foreground 1 group. Then, create a new layer above the foreground layer within the group. Remember to create a clipping mask for this layer and name it highlight. Choose a very soft round brush set to 10-20% opacity. now, with the highlight layer selected, paint soft white color on the edges of the foreground which is marked in blue as shown in the screenshot:


Proceed to create some highlight on the other foregrounds:

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial! I finished it and my image looks just like yours! It was a lot of fun! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this tutoriel but certain material(equipment) not more available sound

    Ariata – DeviantART

  3. amazing photo! but when I opened the tree picture in the beginning in PS it was shorter than the background. Not that perfect as your screenshot. should I change the picture size or do you have any tip?

  4. "Links don't work" "writing on background", just use another picture. There's billions out there.

  5. damn haha, took forever!! Amazing tutorial, I wouldn't normally do something like this, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I may never use.


    Amazing feeling to finish something like this lol

  6. Links #5, #6 (Ariata – DeviantART, Flowers – DeviantART) as well as the last one do not work :(

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