Step 13

Duplicate ( Control + J ) your previous vector shape and change the color for this fresh copy to #353535. HitControl + T to rotate your new vector shape -90 degrees, hit Enter and place it as you can see in the image. Tip: Hold the Shift button from your keyboard to perfectly rotate your selection. tetris_text_13

Step 14

Duplicate ( Control + J ) your previous vector shape, go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal and place it as you can see below tetris_text_14

Step 15

Change the foreground color to #C1C1C1 and grab the Rectangle Tool. Move to your canvas, create a 8x 8px vector shape and place it as shown in the image below. Go to your Layers panel and change the Blend Mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 70%. tetris_text_15

Step 16

Select the vector shapes that make up your tetris piece and hit Control + G to group them. Move to the Layerspanel and rename this new group “Yellow”. Multiply this group and spread the copies roughly as shown below. Now, in order to change the color of these new pieces simply click on the thumbnail icon that stands for the yellow square and replace the existing color with the colors shown in the following image. tetris_text_16

Step 17

Let’s create the first tetris block. Select your yellow group and make sure that it’s perfectly aligned with the pattern as shown in the first image. Now, multiply this groups and spread the copies as shown in the following image. tetris_text_17 tetris_text_17a tetris_text_17b tetris_text_17c

Step 18

Here are some of the blocks that you can create. You can choose only one color for a tetris block or random colors, it’s up to you. tetris_text_18

Step 19

Pick the Horizontal Type Tool and use the Aldo the Apache Regular font. Move to your canvas, add text with the size at 200px, color at #FFFFFF and then set the Opacity to 15%. tetris_text_19 tetris_text_19a

Step 20

Now, let’s build our first letter made of tetris pieces. Use the text that lies in the back as a reference, multiply your tetris pieces and spread them along that “C”. Don’t forget to make sure that your pieces are perfectly aligned with the pattern. tetris_text_20 tetris_text_20c tetris_text_20b tetris_text_20a

Step 21

Move to the next letter and don’t forget to make sure that your Tetris block is perfectly aligned with the pattern. tetris_text_21 tetris_text_21c tetris_text_21b tetris_text_21a

Step 22

Continue with the “B” and use the same techniques mentioned in the previous steps. tetris_text_22 tetris_text_22b tetris_text_22a

Step 23

Finally, build the “E”. Once, you’re done, return to the Layers panel and get rid of your piece of text. tetris_text_23 tetris_text_23c tetris_text_23b tetris_text_23a

Final Result


Download the PSD

Tetris Text.zip

Tutorial by Razvan Gabriel

razvangabriel_profileI hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and you can apply these techniques in your future projects. Thank you for reading this tutorial! See my portfolio here: MySketch.net   – Razvan Gabriel
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Duy Cua

Thank you! I had finished your this tutorial. Beautiful :)

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