Learn how to create this amazing typographic illustration with colorful type treatment. In this tutorial, Edmar Cisneros will show you how to create this artwork using Photoshop layer styles and special lighting effects.

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Step 1

Create a new document on Photoshop. It should be 2100 pixels wide and 3300 pixels high with a resolution of 300 dpi. Using the bucket tool (G) Fill the background layer with black.
Go to the Type Tool (T) and select the Tetra Font with a size of about 250 pt (you can do it larger if you want) and type the word “Super”on the upper part of the canvas. I chose the Tetra font because of its shapes but you can use any font you like.
Right-click on the layer text of the type and select “Rasterize layer” to make it editable.
Create a new layer. Select the type shape (Ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail) and grab the Brush tool (B). We are going to paint over the selection on the new layer to get the colors for the type. First start with the middle tone of the color palette you want to use. In this case, for the first word I chose a combination of dark blues going all the way to bright greens.
Fill the selection with the blue color. Select a soft brush 0% hardness of about 250 pixels and brush over the lower part of the type with the darker blue to create some shading.
Change the size of the brush to something about 150pxl and select the darkest green color and start painting the lighter parts on the top of the letters. Be sure to leave some traces of the blue underneath the greener tones. You can also lower the opacity of the brush to about 40% to blend in the colors smoothly.
Continue this way with the lighter green tones. Make sure you keep little hints of the color under the brighter shades and blend in the colors with your soft brush.
Now using color white and a smaller brush, add some more highlights to the lighter part of the letters.
Once you are confortable with the result, you can go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness and contrast to make the colors pop a bit more:

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