How to Create a Comic Illustration in Photoshop

How to Create a Comic Illustration in Photoshop

How to Create a Comic Illustration in Photoshop

Step 26

Now we will add detail to the outer shell of the peanut. Using your pen tool create a irregular shape and fill it with #432305.


Step 27

Create some more in the same layer so that they look like the image below.


Step 28

Change the opacity of this layer to 7%.


Step 29

Now its time to create outlines on the peanut. Before doing this with your pen tool take your paint brush tool and change the settings to 4px hard round brush and the foreground to #432305. Use the pen tool and create a outline.


Right click the path and select Stroke Path, click ok


Step 30

Create the rest of the outlines and change the opacity of this layer to 75%.


Step 31

Create a layer mask by selecting the icon that looks like a square with a circle on top. Make sure that your foreground and background is black and white. And with a soft round brush erase away some of the outlines.


Step 32

Now for the next couple of steps create a new layer for each one and use your pen tool to create the spoon, peanut butter and the hand covering up the spoon. Colors I used:

Spoon: #8d8b8b

Peanut Butter: #c6912a

Hand: #b2833b


Step 33

Add this layer style to the peanut butter.


Step 34

Under the hand layer, create a new layer and with a 50px soft round brush (#000000) add some shadow with the paint brush tool.


Step 35

Create a new layer and with the pen tool create the mouth and the peanut around the mouth.


Step 36

Add some highlights.


Step 37

With a 50px hard round brush use it to make the eyes and a smaller brush for the pupils.


Step 38

Use the pen tool to create the eyebrows but remember to set the paint brush to a small pixel amount while using a soft round brush.


Step 39

Also use the pen tool to create the sweat beads flying off its head.


Step 40

Create the shadows of the peanut by filling them with black and changing the opacity to 14%.


Step 41

Repeat the same steps that you used to make the first peanut to create the other two. Note: the color that I used for the child peanut is #76420d and the mother's lips is #9d1313. Also don't forget the shadows and placing certain layers into groups. Here is the process:


Final Results


Download the PSD

Comic | 15.36 MB
Download from Website

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