How to Create a Cute Gooey Blob from Scratch Using Photoshop

How to Create a Cute Gooey Blob from Scratch Using Photoshop

Step 43 - Color enhancement.

It's time for some color adjustment so group all layers and name it "monster", duplicate the group and flatten it. Rename this file to "monster", duplicate this layer and set the blending mode to soft light & opacity 70%.

Step 44

Duplicate monster layer, go to filer gallery and apply plastic wrap filter with these settings. Rename this layer to "plastic wrap".

Step 45

Select the plastic wrap layer, change the blending mode to overlay and set the opacity to 60%. This will add awesome reflections to the body of which will give it a realistic look to the character.

Step 46

We are coming to the end of this tutorial, now we need to change the eye color. To change the eye color, add Hue - Saturation adjustment layer and change hue to -98. Name this layer to "eye coloring".

Step 47

Add a vector mask to "eye coloring" adjustment layer, select the mask and fill it with color black to hide everything. Now select a soft brush of color white and reveal the coloring to eyes.

Step 48

We are about to finish this tutorial, now we need to add some finishing touches to enhance our image. First we will add reflection to the eyes to give it natural look. For this, create a white ellipse on eye pupil then add a vector mask to the layer and mask lower part of white ellipse by a soft brush of size 50 pixels.

Step 49

After applying plastic wrap filter, you may have noticed that there are some unwanted reflections around the edges of character which we will have to remove to give character natural look.

Step 50

Remove all unwanted parts from character, remove useless areas from hand, fingers, body edges give it natural look. If everything done properly, then character will look like this.

Step 51

This is the last step of this tutorial. Add some background behind character, feel free to add brush strokes to create a nice background. Congratulations! You have finished this tutorial. That's all friends, hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Here is the final result.

Final Results


Download the PSD

Cute 3D | 22.11 MB Download from FileSonic

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Authors Comment

profileThank you for following this tutorial! You may have noticed that I used few most basic techniques like gaussian blur, shape layer, pen tool, etc, to add lights on character. The purpose of this tutorial was to share these simple techniques by which you can create such type of images with realistic details without using any complex method of matte painting. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. - Narendra Keshkar

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  1. I didn't get to try this yet, but read through the whole tutorial. I can't wait to try it. I think it's outstanding and clever use of many basic tools. I got lots of good ideas from it.

  2. It is not SS-light-beams.color but it is SS-light-beams.abr that is an photoshop brush file to be import in photoshop to use. If you are using CS5 then you can just double click on brush and it will be loaded in your photoshop.

  3. I am sorry if you found some problem while following the tutorial and understanding. I would keep in mind to create more detailed tutorials. Thanks for your feedback.

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