How to Create a Cute Gooey Blob from Scratch Using Photoshop

How to Create a Cute Gooey Blob from Scratch Using Photoshop
Creating a realistic character from scratch is a challenge itself which requires a lot of focus on details of character like lights, shadows, reflection, etc. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a funny 3d character in Photoshop from scratch by using few most basic steps and techniques like lights, shadow, brushes, blur, etc.

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Cute Gooey Blob Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Create a new document of size 3000 x 2500 pixels and change its resolution to 300 dpi. Select the pen tool, turn shape layer on and create an outline of character. Name this layer to "Basic Shape" and change its color to #71d0e8.

Step 2

Now before going ahead with tutorial, first we will edit layer panel options for this click on top right corner of layer panel and select panel options. A layer panel option window will open then select "Layer Bounds" option in layer content section.

Step 3

Create a new layer, select Ctrl + click on basic shape layer to get its selection. Select a soft brush of color #118ab2 and create shadows on left side of character.

Step 4

Again create a new layer, set foreground color to #1e8cb4 and start creating shadows along edges of basic shape.

Step 5

Select a soft brush of color #44b3d7 and brush to add some lights to the edges on the left part of character. However, you can use pick tool to select light and dark tone of color, which is a best way when you are using similar shades of a color. I have mentioned colors to save your time, but you can choose colors yourself.

Step 6

Now we will define the main parts of character, to do this, select a soft brush, change its color to #064168 and start outlining mouth.

Step 7

Select pen tool, turn shape layer on and create mouth shape and name this shape layer to "mouth". Change its color to black.

Step 8

Now we have decided mouth position and it's time to create lips of character. To do this create a shape layer, change its color to #00406c and rename this layer to "upper lip". Add some shadows to give it more realism.

Step 9

Similarly create lower lip with shape layer and change its color to #4aabce. Add some shadows and lights wherever needed to give it depth.

Step 10

Select pen tool, turn path layer on and create lower lip wrinkle. Save this path and rename it to "lower lip". Press Ctrl+Enter to get its selection, select a soft edge brush of color #17749a and paint to the edges of path selection. Add shadows & lights wherever needed. If you did it properly, then result will be like this.

Step 11

Now we will create eyes for this, create an eye shape and fill it with color white. Name this layer to "right eyeball" Press Ctrl+Click on eyeball layer to get its selection, select a soft brush of color #237a9c and create shadows around eye.

Step 12

Create a new document to create pupil, now press U to select ellipse tool and create an ellipse. Change its color to #4dc9df and apply inner glow layer style with these settings. Name this ellipse to "pupil".

Step 13

Create another small ellipse of color black and align it to centre of "pupil" layer and name it to "cornea". Select brush tool, set foreground color to #006082 then open "SS-light-beams.abr" and create pupil texture. Apply gaussian blur of 2.5 pixels to texture to make it smooth. Select the black ellipse layer and apply gaussian blur of 20 pixels.

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  1. I didn't get to try this yet, but read through the whole tutorial. I can't wait to try it. I think it's outstanding and clever use of many basic tools. I got lots of good ideas from it.

  2. It is not SS-light-beams.color but it is SS-light-beams.abr that is an photoshop brush file to be import in photoshop to use. If you are using CS5 then you can just double click on brush and it will be loaded in your photoshop.

  3. I am sorry if you found some problem while following the tutorial and understanding. I would keep in mind to create more detailed tutorials. Thanks for your feedback.

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